Total Control Driving Academy

Classroom & behind-the-wheel for teens & adults

Classroom Instruction &

Behind-the-Wheel Training 

 Classroom Locations: 

St. Michael & Elk River 

(Elk River is within walking distance from the High School)

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Next Class Starts:  We are offering online classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. In person classes will resume in September and there will be online options as well.

Next class starts: February 1st online or February 15th in person

Register by clicking here or use the "Contact Us" link at the top and fill out the online classroom contract here.

We understand there is conflict with school activities and home schedules. You may attend either location (any day, any time, any month) that works for you. You just need to complete all 10 sessions one time. ex: Day 1 session 1, Day 2 session 2 (day 10 being the last session to complete)

Call 763-219-9300

405 East Central Ave Suite 105

PO Box 103

St. Michael, Mn 55376

**Use PO box for mail

554 3rd Street NW Suite 103 Elk River, Mn 55330